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" I have enjoyed a relationship with Dr Gowey over the last 30 years where his innovation and clinical practice have few peers. He has always presented excellent dentistry to solve his patient's concerns while practicing at the cutting edge of predictable solutions where his patients get the very best care. There are very few dentists in this country that blend the experience and clinical knowledge that Dr. Gowey brings to the patients of Wisconsin. "

- Arthur Molzan DDS

"For patients searching for highly experienced,expert dental care, provided in a compassionate, ethical manner, I suggest a consultation with Dr. Kim Gowey. Dr. Gowey is widely regarded by many as one of the very best dentists in America. During the last 30 years Dr. Gowey developed an outstanding national reputation while practicing in his small hometown of Medford, Wisconsin. His reputation was earned based on patient care that demonstrated extraordinary clinical ability in Comprehensive Dentistry, including complex Dental Implant Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Gowey became known to dental professionals in this country and Europe as he taught other dentists techniques and procedures he developed and perfected for treatment of serious dental problems.

If you are in need of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Bone and/or Soft Tissue Grafting or Complete Dental Reconstruction, it would be well worth the trip to Medford, regardless of your location, to discuss treatment options and learn what would be best for you.

Dr. Gowey will perform all phases of your treatment, including sedation as required, without the need for out-of-office referral. In addition to his superior competence and experience, you will find him to be honest,friendly, gentle, and willing to help you achieve the best level of dental health possible for your circumstances.

Please examine his professional curriculum vitae carefully. It is factual and not exaggerated. I encourage you to make the call for an appointment. You will not be disappointed.


- Mark V. Davis DMD

"Dr. Gowey and Staff I have never written a letter to a doctor before in my life. But I want to let you know how much you have changed my life. It is totally amazing what a difference good teeth can make in how you live and how you feel about yourself. For the past three plus years I had just given up. I didn’t go to family or friend events. I quit going out to eat with my husband and friends. When I did have to eat with others, I carefully chose my meals and picked foods that were soft or easily cut up and chewed. I had gotten to the point I ate soft(and fattening)foods. It had become so easy to have ice cream, bread, crackers, cheese, potatoes, and other food that was not healthy for me. I had quit caring about myself and gained 50# and didn’t want to go anywhere with anyone. You have given ME back. I feel confident and competent about myself. I can’t believe how much you have given back to me. My husband and I went out to eat, and I ate a salad with my meal. I had gotten to the point I could not even chew on a piece of lettuce to break it up enough to swallow. I had shrimp and did not have to cut it up into tiny pieces to chew. I had not been able to chew in over three years and my ability to bite was gone. Yesterday, we went to a cook out—my first one in three years. I looked at the food. Of course there were brats and burgers. There was fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, and I wanted to panic and say I wasn’t hungry, or just pretend to eat and not take anything that required work on my part. I got a plate, got a bun, put a burger on the bun and sat down. I just looked at it. Here I sat in a chair with no fork and knife and the only way I had been able to eat had been to tear tiny portions off and chew it as best I could. I got brave, picked up the burger and brought it to my mouth. AND I bit down. I can BITE and chew. It was the best burger I have ever had. I wanted to cry and shout and dance. Thank you so much for what you have given back to me. My husband even has commented on how much better I look, how happy I seem and that he is getting his wife back. We had not gone on a vacation in years, just because I didn’t want to deal with eating around others and try to figure out what to eat. You need to know just how much good teeth can mean to a person and how much I appreciate the patience and work you put into my mouth. You never made me feel uncomfortable or ashamed of what a mess I was in."

- Thank you. AB

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